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School of Robotics and Software Engineering founded in 1981

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IMERIR is a school of higher education that prepares students for careers in robotics, artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, digital technology, the Internet of Things, and other digital professions of the future. These increasingly rapid technological developments are shaping the professions of tomorrow, with rich and varied career opportunities for companies that need and will need engineers, experts, makers, entrepreneurs and startups.

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Our diplomas

Bac +2 : Developer Integrator of Intranet/Internet Solutions

The analyst-developer is required to create business applications and Web sites, but also to meet with the client in order to collect and specify his needs and expectations.

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Bac +3 : Bachelor’s degree in Software Engineering specializing in Robotics Prototyping

This diploma offers general training covering the main areas of IT

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Bac +5 : Master’s degree network, IoT and prototyping robotics

Le parcours « Master réseaux, objets connectés et robotique de prototypage » forme des spécialistes aux nouvelles technologies en informatique, robotique et télécommunications.

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A campus with a Mediterranean accent, planted with pine, cypress and palm trees…

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Our philosophy

Because the Robotics revolution is underway. Because IMERIR is fully in line with this vision of the future. IMERIR offers state-of-the-art teaching and deploys innovative teaching methods. IMERIR is open to the new challenges of the world, it is a first step in the adventure of technology. IMERIR is also a start-up company!

Degrees recognized in France and in Europe

IMERIR offers two-, three- and five-year work-study programs in the fields of industrial robotics (industrial robots, collaborative robots, the factory of the future, industry 4.0, additive manufacturing), service robotics (assistant robots, companion robots, exoskeletons, drones, handling and surveillance robots) and digital technology (embedded computing, mobile application development, systems and networks, cybersecurity, artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things).

Apprenticeship, a winning formula to build your Professional Project!

Apprenticeship is a system of alternating training that allows the acquisition of new knowledge and skills in school while continuing a salaried activity in a company.

Great career opportunities and maximum employability for “Imériens”

100% of graduates find a job within 3 months; 80% of permanent contracts are signed before graduation; an alumni network of more than 1,300 “Imériens”

IMERIR’s Pedagogical Tools

Professionalization in companies through apprenticeship; Theory and practice at school; International with the ERASMUS+ program; Digital and Robotics specialties.

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IMERIR is located in Perpignan, in the Eastern Pyrenees between the sea and the mountains. The Mediterranean aspect of the institute is permanently present, built on a vast sunny campus, planted with pines, cypresses and palm trees, the Sud Formation campus of the CCI Pyrénées-Orientales has hosted IMERIR for 30 years.

Expert teachers, academics and professionals

Whose level of skills and qualifications are approved by the state and the QUALIOPI certification

80% of students benefit from the European Erasmus program

In the final year, students go to one of our 15 partner universities across Europe.

100% of graduates find a job within 3 months

Every student's (and parents') dream, training that corresponds to the reality of the labour market!

An education in constant (r)evolution!

Because our environment is constantly evolving, the courses given are on the latest languages, the latest machines, technologies ...

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