Can you tell us about your background before IMERIR?

I was young. In the third year I wasn’t good enough to do a BAC S but too good to do a CAP/BEP, I repeated the year to be able to go to BAC S, once in BAC S I failed and in the end I went to BEP/BAC Pro. As I had just finished a year of BAC S when I arrived in BEP, it was a laugh, I was in the top 3 students throughout the course. As I was good, I caught up with the normal curriculum by doing a BTS in Electronic Systems. It was great, I learnt a lot but it was very hard in mathematics especially after 3 years of doing addition and subtraction in BEP. After that I wanted to work and I found a job as a production technician at Meodex. Then I spoke to a friend, a 10-minute conversation, and he advised me to try an engineering school. I sent in my CV, had an interview and went on for another 3 years. It was out of the question to earn so little with a BTS, at least with an engineering degree I would earn a higher salary.

Why did you choose IMERIR for your higher studies?

I was fed up with driving 120Km/day for minimum wage and working with a BTS in my pocket.

When did you graduate?

2018 Promo Dessertine.

How were your years as an Immerian?

The first year was difficult and psychologically challenging, you had to hold on. The second year was more pleasant but not easy, and the third year was a great experience with an ERASMUS in Poland, the Robotics speciality and the diploma.

Where did you do your work experience?

Banque Populaire du Sud, Software Publishing Department.

How did your “after IMERIR” experience go?

I kept my Web Dev job for a year, even though I didn’t really like it. So I stayed with my Technician job: 35H/week + 2 RTT/month + 5 weeks of holidays. Then, once the rest was over, I looked for another job, and thanks to an Immerian, I found a job at Nidec ASI, a 9-month mission interspersed with the COVID. A motorbike accident after the end of my mission at Nidec, with a 4-month work stoppage: Then I had the opportunity to go to Switzerland for a 6-month mission with a pre-hiring at SP Groups.

Can you tell me about your professional development?

With this new position at SP Groups I am finally in a position that allows me to use my engineering level. Before that, it was a technician’s job.

Where do you work today?

I am a Consulting Engineer for Davidson Consulting Switzerland, currently on assignment for SP Groups in Switzerland with a pre-hire at the end of my assignment in 5 months.

What are your assignments?

Automation in general: SCADA revamping, development, customer contact, documentations, presentations.

What advice would you give to IMERIR students and future students?

Go for it! If I was able to do it from a BEP, it’s because anyone can do it. Don’t let yourself be discouraged by those who have an easy time, what counts is the diploma and nothing else. Also take advantage of the ERASMUS, it is what has had the most impact on my professional and private life.

Are you still in contact with former students?

Yes, with 7 students from my class.