Institut Méditerranéen d'Etude et de Recherche en Informatique et Robotique

Alumni Association

The alumni association (2AEI) tries to keep track, gather, and assist graduates and former students of Imérir. To contact them:

Established in 1994, the alumni association has ever since been true to its mission and strenghened the links among graduates of Imérir. The association services alumni, current students and partenering businesses and recruitment agencies.

Imérir graduates can be found working as integrators of new technologies, R&D engineers, software and robotics project managers, method engineers, roboticists, production engineers, networking experts, entrepreneurs, … They practice in all sectors of the economy: banking, insurances, software servicing companies, large industrial groups, health, government, research, education, hardware and software vendors.

The alumni association lists over a 1000 graduates of Imérir, since the school establishment, providing newly (or not) graduates with a great networking tool to help them accomplish their project.