CATCAR: Digital heritage at the service of social innovation

CATCAR: Digital heritage at the service of social innovation 1

CATCAR is an innovative cross-border cooperation project in the field of intangible heritage. The aim of the program is to make the Carolingian world (VIII-X centuries) accessible to all thanks to new technologies: multimedia content, digital cartography, gamification tools and other augmented reality artefacts. This historical period foreshadowed the construction of the current European Union.

Catalonia has one of the richest documentary collections in Europe for this period. CATCAR will create a virtual open access platform and other digital innovation products that will recreate the society and landscape of Carolingian Catalonia.

The objectives of CATCAR are:

  • Preserving Carolingian documentation in digital format, an essential intangible heritage for knowing the origin of present-day Catalonia and the construction of Western Europe.

  • To transfer the documentation in tangible, didactic and playful assets, which make it possible to make history, and concretely that relating to the Carolingian period, an attractive and understandable contribution, for the classrooms and also as alternative of cultural leisure.

  • Make all this documentation accessible to everyone interested in this historical period.

  • Use this hitherto restricted documentation to expand studies in anthropology, geography, economics, statistics and other social disciplines. The results of this work will be extensible to current problems and challenges such as climate change, the appearance and disappearance of cultures, social mobility or geometeorological accidents, themes of special interest for those in charge of territorial planning.

  • Promote and develop links and synergies between the public and private sectors, research centers, professional centers and digital manufacturing workshops in order to facilitate the transfer of knowledge.

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