State aid of 8 000€ for each apprentice hired

What type of employer can draw up an apprenticeship or professionalization contract?

IMERIR trains more than 200 young people every year in work-linked training from Bac to Bac +5.
Work-linked training: there are 2 types of contract: apprenticeship contract and professional training contract.
These contracts can be signed in both the private and public sectors.

How long is the contract? 

By taking on an apprentice at IMERIR, you are necessarily committing to the total duration of the apprentice’s training.
1A Integrated preparation : duration of 2 years
MSIR 3A (1st year of the master) : duration of 3 years
MSIR 4A (2nd year of the master) : duration 2 years
Bachelor degree : duration 1 year

What are the periods of presence in the company and in school? 

To consult these periods, go to the dedicated page : CLICK HERE
However, for the “Master MSIR”, we can synthesize by giving the following scheme:
Year 1 : 2 months school – 3 months company – 3 months school – 6 months company
Year 2 : 2 months school – 4 months company – 3 months school – 2 months company
Year 3 : 5 months school in ERASMUS in a European university – 6 months in a company

What is the apprentice’s salary?

The minimum wages are fixed and can be consulted via the following link on the work-study portal: CLICK HERE
This varies according to the age of the trainee and the diploma prepared. It also depends on the professional branches and the private or public status of the structure.

What courses are offered during the training?

IMERIR provides MSIRs with a complete training that can be simplified as follows

  • 1st year: common core without specialization where they acquire a solid base in Software Engineering, mathematics, robotics, project management. (see RNCP sheet)
  • 2nd year: same basics but with a specialization in: robotics, cybersecurity, artificial intelligence, internet of things.
  • 3rd year: 5 months of courses abroad in English in one of the 15 partner universities in Europe to complete their training, with entrepreneurship, management, agile methods, etc.

How many apprentices can I hire?

A company may have several apprentices.

Each tutor can only supervise a maximum of 2 apprentices

How is the apprentice supervised?

A tutor is appointed and authorised when the contract is signed. He or she will have to supervise the apprentice, who will be under his or her authority for the entire duration of the contract.

Who should I contact?

Do not hesitate to contact the corporate relations department at the school, either by e-mail : , or by phone at 04 68 56 80 18 

IMERIR offers companies possible partnerships, some examples below:

  • setting up apprenticeship or professionalization contracts for employees or future employees of the company (alternating courses and company)
  • possible recruitment of trainees for the company (alternating courses/company)
  • implementation of VAE for the company’s employees
  • thematic conference organized by the company for IMERIR students

The company relations department is at your disposal at IMERIR to help you recruit an apprentice and/or trainee. It is also the guarantor of relations between the school and the company during the training period.

In particular, it will help you to :

  • define the profile you are looking for
  • inform you about the training programs
  • organize the selection of candidates
  • implement the work-study contract
  • facilitate your administrative procedures
  • advise and train your apprenticeship masters

To welcome an apprentice, the company must appoint an Apprentice Master. This is the person in the company who is responsible for the apprentice throughout his/her training.

His or her missions are to :

  • to welcome the young person and accompany him/her to facilitate his/her integration into the company
  • to guide him/her and pass on know-how and interpersonal skills,
  • to evaluate the young person’s skills and knowledge,
  • to define his or her areas of progress,
  • to be the school’s contact person for the apprentice’s follow-up.

His/her contacts are :

  • the IMERIR company relations manager
  • the IMERIR administrative manager for school life and education, who is responsible for school follow-up
  • the IMERIR management, which is attentive to the needs of companies

Useful information :

Contact : IMERIR | Phone number : 04 68 56 80 18 | Email :

You choose to recruit an employee through a work-study program.
There are two types of contracts available to you, the apprenticeship contract and the professionalization contract, each with its own financial and tax advantages.

Recruiting an apprentice or a professionalization contract has many advantages for your company:

  • human resources assistance,
  • financial advantages.

Advantages in terms of human resources:

  • hiring apprentices or professionalization contracts is the best tool for forward-looking skills management;
  • it allows an efficient development of your human resources;
  • you have the possibility to integrate an operational employee;
  • it is a guarantee of reliable, quality and sustainable recruitment.

Useful links :

Paying your apprenticeship tax to IMERIR means supporting a school that offers training for your present and future employees, with the enrichment of their skills throughout their professional career, you are investing in the future of your company and your territory!


Thanks to the apprenticeship tax, we are able to finance the expenses necessary for the development of our school while reinforcing our strategic axes:

  • financing of events to raise awareness of new technologies: Tech’innOV 2019, Smart Industries, Nouveau Monde
  • laptops and maker kits made available to students throughout their schooling
  • purchase of humanoid robots, collaborative robots and service robots to train our students in the technologies of the future
  • participation of IMERIR students in national robotics competitions and realization of industrial projects for companies (proof of concept, hackathon, ephemeral technology showroom…)
  • investment in machines and materials available at the Makerspace


  • development of new “Automation” and “Additive manufacturing” fields
  • evolution of the Makerspace
  • participation in the development of “Orles Valley” platform dedicated to digital technologies for startups, companies and organizations


To calculate the amount of 13% of your apprenticeship tax and make the payment, we invite you to use the website of our partner CIAN Technologie This will allow us to follow your contribution and to send you the corresponding receipt in full discharge

For your payment, please indicate the Perpignan establishment (IMERIR), code UAI 0660780P