Corporate Relations

IMERIR offers partnerships to businesses and corporations; some examples of collaborations:

  • establishment of an apprenticeship contract involving current or future employees (school/company alternation)
  • possible recruiting of 3rd and 2nd year students (school/company alternation)
  • study and development of projects by 3rd year students (from mid-february until late march)
  • implementation of a VAE programme for employees
  • involvement as a jury member during the oral defenses, making recruitment and talent detection easier
  • participation in theme conferences/courses, making recruitment and talent detection easier

A corporate relations manager is available to advise you and help you recruite an apprentice or an intern. He also guarantees the building of relations between the school and the company.

Most notably, the relations manager will help you:

  • best define the needed profile
  • get informed regarding our syllabus
  • organise candidates selection
  • set up the apprenticeship contract
  • with administrative tasks
  • advise and train tutors

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