Hiring an Apprentice

Hiring an apprentice requires the company to appoint an Apprenticeship Tutor be designated. The tutor is the employee responsible for the apprentice during the whole duration of the training.

The tutor is expected to:

  • welcome the apprentice and ease his /her integration within the company,
  • advise and share know-to and know-how practical experience and knowledge,
  • evaluate the apprentice’s skills,
  • set goals and orientations to the apprentice’s progress,
  • be the company interface with the school.

The school interlocutors are:

  • The corporate relations manager IMERIR,
  • The Alternation department Point A CCI Perpignan,
  • Administrative department provides school monitoring,
  • The directory of IMERIR and the CFA Occitanie Sud Formation, they are attentive to the needs of companies

For additional details, please check

Contact : IMERIR | Tel. : +33 4 68 56 80 18 | Email : imerir@imerir.com