BSc, systems administrator

BSc, systems administrator

Professional bachelor’s degree for IT jobs: System and network Administration and security,

Syllabus: Systems administrator

Accessible in alternation training, the professional bachelor’s degree of systems ADMISYS is a training of the technical and experimental Sciences in partnership with the IMERIR which offers a multidisciplinary training in IT focuses on operating systems and networks. It offers versatile skills in these areas.

The training comprises about 450 hours of teaching and 120 hours of tutored projects. The curriculum of the professional bachelor’s degree brings theoretical and professional courses, implemented in the framework of tutored projects and the alternation in the company.

The personal work of the student (individual or within a group) occupies an important place in the evaluation. This involvement is appreciated by the elaboration of a thesis and by an oral defense for the tutored project and the alternation in the company.


This professional bachelor’s degree aims to train students with a higher technical degree in science or technology who wish to specialize in the field of administration of systems and networks.

The training focuses on the administration of Linux and Windows operating systems, the administration of applications (MySQL, SQL Server and Oracle services or databases), the management and organization of network accesses, the Management of hardware and backups, user management, virtualization techniques and the implementation of security policies. The numerous workshops, which are facilitated by professional actors, and the organisation of tutored projects allow students to be put in real situations.

The professional bachelor’s degree allows a real contact with the world of work in order to allow the students to expend their training and their professional project and to facilitate their insertion in the labour market.

Know-how and skills

Administrators of rather versatile systems and networks will be able to:

  • Master Windows and Linux operating systems
  • Develop and administer databases
  • Administer Network services
  • Develop security Policies
  • virtualize servers, applications, infrastructures
  • Design, develop network solutions,
  • Manage a project

Accessible in alternation training, this professional bachelor’s degree is organised over two semesters which take place at the University of Perpignan Via Domitia in the Eastern Pyrenees in partnership with the IMERIR.

The first semester consists of four units dealing with:

  • Basic knowledge that allows the student to be able to define the network needs of a company, to master the fundamental elements of network technologies,
  • Notions of organization for the implementation of effective communication in accordance with the rules of the company in Law,
  • Network administration that allows the student to master the development of an information system,
  • The information system that will help the student in the effective exploitation of an information system.

The second semester comprises four units dealing with:

  • The administration and network services, which allows the student to set up a computer network,
  • Interconnection of networks that allows the student to ensure the availability of an information system
  • The security of information systems, which allows the student to ensure the safety and security of an infrastructure hosting an information system and providing services.
  • Management of a computer project (manage, communicate, decide).

Business Opportunities

Sectors of activity:

  • PME-PMI (Small and medium-sized companies) (System administration, management, administration of internal and/or remote networks, databases and systems, computer of all types)
  • Software services and engineering companies
  • Local employment Pool: administrations, regional authorities, middle schools, high schools, health institutions,…

Types of jobs accessible:

  • Systems Administrator/Network/Database
  • Information System Manager
  • Project Manager in Integration
  • Development and Operation
  • Telecommunications and IT technician
  • Software and hardware maintenance manager for networks
  • Computer scientist
Vocational bachelor's degree: system administrator - University of Perpignan Via Domitia, in partnership with the IMERIR
  • Entry level
    Higher Technical degrees, scientific or vocational bachelor degree, Major engineering schools
  • Validation
    Diploma BAC + 3, professional Bachelor of computer skills: Administration and security of systems and networks, Route: System administrator
  • Duration
    1 year
  • Alternating
    Periods of 2 ~ 3 weeks
  • Costs
    Free in the apprenticeship cycle