BSc, Full Stack Native Mobile App Developer

BSc, Full Stack Native Mobile App Developer

Presentation of the training

The training of “Full Stack Native Mobile App Developer”  is accessible by apprenticeship, initial training, contract professionalizing and VAE.

The training takes place in one year on the following basis:

  • From September to December: Intensive training in IOS ®, Android ™ and Web Services
  • From January to May: Further technical training
  • From July to September: Professional practice followed by a dissertation and oral defense

Studied environment

The courses of IOS and Android cover all the basics necessary to create a modern and connected mobile application. Instructors are experienced professionals who share best practices in user interface, security, publication, data persistence, audio-video capture, geo-location, notifications, performance, mutualisation of code by means of libraries, etc. Beyond mobile applications, candidates will learn to interface with connected devices and to develop the infrastructure necessary for the proper functioning of their applications by means of WEB services containerized and ready to be developed in Cloud services.

Non-exhaustive list of languages studied: Swift, Kotlin, Java, Objective-C, SQL,…

This represents nearly 500 hours of training, evaluation included.


This diploma is registered in the National Directory of Professional certification (RNCP). For more information on the diploma “Full Stack Native Mobile App Developer” You can consult the RNCP page.

Business Opportunities

Sectors of activity:

  • Web Agency/Communication
  • Directly to the customer
  • Software publisher
  • Self employment

Types of jobs accessible:

  • Mobile Solutions Designer
  • Mobile Applications Developer
  • Computer developer
  • Mobile Application project Manager
  • IT research and development officer
  • Mobile Infrastructure Integrator
  • Mobile Infrastructure Administrator
Full Stack Native Mobile App Developer
Train specialists in application design and development (IOS, Android, Windows) for smartphones and touch-screen tablets
  • Entry level
    Higher Technical degrees, scientific or vocational bachelor degree, Major engineering schools
  • Validation
    Diploma BAC + 3/Level 2 (France) and Level 6 (Europe) title recognized by the State and registered in the National Directory of Professional certifications (RNCP)
  • Duration
    1 year
  • Alternating
    Periods of 2 ~ 3 weeks
  • Costs
    Free in the apprenticeship cycle; €6500/year in student cycle.