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Bac +2 : IT Application Developer Analyst

The analyst-developer is required to create business applications and Web sites, but also to meet with the client in order to collect and specify his needs and expectations.

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Bac +3 : Bachelor’s degree in Software Engineering specializing in Robotics Prototyping

This diploma offers general training covering the main areas of IT

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Bac +5 : MSIR Innovation Robotics

The “Robotics and New Innovations” track trains specialists in cobotics, industrial robots, service robots, prototyping and robotic design.

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Bac +5 : MSIR Cybersecurity

The “IT Security for Connected Industries” track is a specialist in Cybersecurity, System and Network Infrastructures and IoT Security.

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Bac +5 : MSIR Artificial Intelligence

The “Smart applications” track trains specialists in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Expert Systems, and Optimization.

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