The analyst-developer is required to create business applications and websites, but also to meet with the client in order to gather and specify their needs and expectations. He/she may also be required to deploy, maintain and contribute to the company’s IT solutions in collaboration with the architects in charge of designing these solutions. The analyst-developer will also be a facilitator in the implementation of IT tools within companies.
The Maker aspect brings a sensitivity to innovation and the use of new technologies. This allows to solve certain problems of the company or to find new uses for these technologies.

RNCP sheet describing the blocks of competencies and educational program Years 1 and 2


  • Young people, between 15 and 29 years old, for an apprenticeship contract
  • No age limit for a professionalization contract or RQTH (Recognition of the status of disabled worker)


If you have a disability, find useful information here


  • Education Computer science degree, specialty Robotics prototyping
  • MSIR training, BAC+5 and 3 choices of specialties: Cybersecurity, Robotics innovation y Artificial Intelligence


  • Internal and external teaching teams, experienced, qualified, trained in digital teaching methods and equipped with professional experience in companies for business courses
  • Face-to-face training with alternating theoretical contributions, practical exercises and role-playing
  • Unmarked classrooms, computer rooms, application workshops, Wifi, business software, Digital Working Environment (ENT)


  • Start of registrations: 01/01/2022
  • End of registrations: 31/08/2022
  • Admissions contact: 04 68 56 80 18 /

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A 360° training

  • Encoder
  • Maker
  • Designer
  • Developer


  • Coding
  • Maker
  • Computer and scientific culture


  • Alternating school / company
  • Projects
  • Continuous assessment, final exam and professional evaluation
  • At the end of the course, delivery of the training certificate
  • Validation of the diploma: total and/or partial
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