Bachelor’s degree in Software Engineering specializing in Robotics Prototyping

This degree offers general training covering the main areas of Software Engineering: development, programming, networks, multimedia, systems, machine architecture, software engineering, operations research, information systems, industrial systems.

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The Software Engineering degree, specializing in Robotics Prototyping, can also be addressed to employees in the Software Engineering field who are looking for a way to enhance their daily work with a view to a promotion or a change of employer, but also to employees in other fields who are looking for a career change.

Target public

  • Young people, between 18 and 29 years old for an apprenticeship contract
  • No age limit for a professionalization contract or a RQTH (Recognition of Handicapped Worker Status)


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Further studies

  • Bac +5 : Master’s degree network, IoT and prototyping robotics

Teams, methods & Pedagogical tools

  • Internal and external teaching teams, experienced, qualified, trained in digital teaching methods and equipped with professional experience in companies for business courses
  • Face-to-face teaching with alternating theoretical contributions, practical exercises and simulations
  • Unmarked classrooms, computer rooms, application workshops, Wi-Fi, business software, Digital Working Environment (ENT)

Registration dates

  • Start of registrations: 01/01/2023
  • End of registrations: 31/08/2023
  • Admissions contact: 04 68 56 80 18 /

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A 360° training

  • Deputy project manager
  • Backend Developer
  • Application Developer
  • Web integrator
  • Robotics integration manager
  • IT asset manager
  • Network administrator
  • Prototypist

The program aims to ensure the assimilation and experimentation of the following skills:

  • Mathematical tools for Computer Science
  • Fundamentals of Operating Systems
  • Programming Paradigms
  • Information Systems and Databases
  • Introduction to the cyberstructure of the internet: networks and security
  • project management
  • Professional English (undergraduate level)
  • Software engineering
  • Database management systems
  • Modeling, optimization, complexity and algorithms
  • Communication
  • Value of Welcome and Retraining in IT 1
  • Value of Welcome and Retraining in IT 2
  • C/Arduino and Mobile Robotics
  • Tools for prototyping (3d printing, laser cutting, CNC)
  • Math Basics
  • academic average (mid-term and continuous assessment) in all teaching areas and in the chosen speciality
  • work-study programs validated by the company
  • end-of-studies thesis and defense before a jury
Your future

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Bac +5 : Master’s degree network, IoT and prototyping robotics

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