If you have a disability, find all the useful information on this page

IMERIR is committed

IMERIR welcomes learners with disabilities:

  • You have a Disabled Worker Quality Recognition (RQTH)
  • You have benefited from academic accommodations during your training course
  • You do not have an RQTH but your training needs to be adapted for medical reasons (chronic illness, dyslexia, dysgraphia, dyspraxia, etc.)

IMERIR offers personalized support to facilitate your training. These may be special arrangements, specific equipment, additional assessment time or any other need depending on the specificities identified. For this, an IMERIR disability referent, who relies on a network of partners (CAP emploi, Agefiph, Pôle Emploi, MDPH), is at your disposal and guarantees the confidentiality of your exchanges.

Disability referent IMERIR:

JANET Karine – Disability referent, IMERIR
karine.janet@imerir.com – 04 68 56 80 18

The IMERIR campus is also accessible to people with reduced mobility.