Efficient and recognized “mixed” operation!

Apprenticeship is a work-study system that allows the acquisition of new knowledge and skills in school while pursuing a salaried activity in a company. Beyond the acquisition of skills and immediate experience that apprenticeship offers, the other major advantage is the free tuition fees in addition to a salary that you receive from your employer.

Following your studies on a work-study basis (course/company) allows you to combine theoretical lessons and professional experience. The periods in the company are thus integrated into a pedagogical logic of putting into practice what has been learned. IMERIR offers this opportunity for each of its training courses. The student thus becomes a true employee of the company, with the status of employee and the remuneration that accompanies it.

Throughout the IMERIR course, the professional world is at the heart of the educational process. Indeed, 50% of the courses given are provided by professionals. This is a guarantee of the relevance and adequacy of the subjects covered. In addition, the main orientations of the courses are decided in agreement with the professionals.


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