Bachelor DIM – Mobile Software Developer


Bachelor DIM – Mobile Software Developer
Become a skilled technician in mobile software development for iOS & Android smartphones and tablets
Candidates must have completed a two-years degree after high school graduation (Bac+2/3 – DUT, BTS, Licence)
State-certified diploma of level II (RNCP) / Bac+2/3
1 year
2 weeks in apprenticeship / 1 week at school
Free in apprenticeship ; 4 900€/year otherwise.
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Jobs and Skills

Some of the jobs accessible through this degree:

  • designer and developer of mobile software
  • mobile solutions infrastructure designer
  • tactile tablet software developer
  • mobile software project manager

A mobile software developer works alone or as part of a team and must be able to: design, code and deploy secured solutions for smartphones, PDA, tablets, etc.; propose and implement network infrastructures fitting the needs of mobile software while providing a reliable and secure service; take charge of a project from inception to delivery.

The academic program

The academic program is organized in the following four dimensions:

  • analysis and design of secured mobile applications
  • development and deployment of mobile applications with a high availability infrastructure
  • training and support of customers/users
  • optimisation and upgrade support

This includes the strenghthening of skills in technological and regulatory awareness, technical writing (documentation, specifications, etc), programming (Objective-C, Java, JavaScript, HTML/CSS, etc), performance analysis, etc.

Including evaluations, the academic program is about 500 hours of training and courses.


Apple iOS and Android are the two native platforms covered by this program; with a specific study of their APIs, “stores”, economical model, …

More platforms are covered through the study of WebApps encapsulated for native deployment or full-Web apps with the use of frameworks such as jQuery Mobile and [|Apache Cordova/PhoneGap]]. This allows building rich Web experiences with (HTML5 while also targeting additional operating systems – such as FirefoxOS, Windows 8, Windows Phone 7/8, Tizen, Bada, Blackberry, …