Educational program

Computer Systems and Robotics Manager

This page takes up the details of the courses by year and for each teaching center

Informatic pole

  • Algorithmic
  • C language
  • Operating systems and networks
  • WEB Engineering and languages
  • Object and UML Design
  • Java language
  • Databases
  • Graph theory
  • Grammar and Automatons

Robotic pole

  • Discovery of the FabLab
  • Basics of Automatic
  • Robotics theory
  • Introduction to industrial robotics
  • Introduction to service Robotics
  • Introduction to humanoid robotics
  • 2d Modeling
  • Mathematics Basics
  • Real Time Embedded Systems

Management pole

  • Communication
  • Statistics and probabilities
  • Simulation and Business Management
  • English
  • PMI-based project management methodology
  • Corporate Legal Structures
  • Procurement









Informatic pole

  • Introduction to Artificial intelligence
  • C++ language
  • Advanced C Language
  • Propositional logic

Robotic pole

  • Advanced real-time embedded systems
  • ROS, Robot Operating System
  • Image and Signal processing
  • Introduction to OpenCV
  • 3d modeling
  • Computer Graphics and CAD

Management pole

  • Advanced PMI-based project management methodology
  • Software engineering project Simulation and product life cycle
  • English
  • Business Creation Seminar
  • Discovery of the BusinessLab

Individualized career Smart applications

  • Computability and Complexity
  • Optimization and meta-heuristics
  • Automatic reasoning and expert systems
  • Learning
  • Representation of knowledge

Individualized career Robotics and new Innovation basics

  • Study and definition of the uses of the robot
  • Mechanical Design and CAD
  • Hardware and software choices
  • Prototyping
  • Modeling and Simulation
  • Assembly and assembly
  • Order laws
  • Programming the Robot
  • Delivery of the robot

Individualized career Smart object and Cloud

  • Distributed infrastructure
  • Software Solutions for the Cloud
  • Developing IoT Solutions
  • Multi-Agent
  • Fundamentals of Network Protocols
  • Cloud Deployment and Maintenance
  • Guarantee the confidentiality of data by encryption
  • Cryptography
  • Ethical and legal Aspects

Individualized career Computer security for connected industries

  • Computer security of systems and networks infrastructure
  • Mobile, Cloud and IoT security
  • Data security
  • Project management, methods and culture cybersecurity

Computer pole

  • It integration project
  • Conferences

Robotic pole

  • Cobotic Integration Project
  • Conferences

Management pole

  • Integration Project Management
  • Toeic
  • Project Voltaire
  • Conferences

Individualized career

  • Smart Applications Integration Project
  • Smart object and Cloud integration project
  • Robotics integration project and new innovation Bases
  • Integration project IT security of connected industries