Master MSIR – Robotics and Software Engineering Project Manager


Master MSIR – Robotics and Software Engineering Project Manager
Become expert in robotics and software engineering in the realm of highend technology
Candidates must have completed a two-years degree after high school graduation (Bac+2/3 – DUT, BTS, Licence scientifique or professionnelle, CPGE)
Graduates are awarded a Bac+5 / Niv I diploma certificied by the French government (RNCP)
Licence and Master from Université de Perpignan
3 years
1st year: periods of 2 months
2nd year: periods of 3 months
3rd year: periods of 6 months
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Free in apprenticeship ; 4 900€/year otherwise.
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Jobs and Skills

Some of the jobs accessible through this degree:

  • project manager in the realm of technology
  • integrator of new technologies
  • engineer in development of enterprise software
  • R&D engineer
  • visionics and robotics engineer
  • architect and manager of technological solutions
  • software engineer (in networks, mobile software, …)

As a Robotics and Software Engineering Project Manager, you will be trained in software engineering, systems and networks, artificial intelligence, technology integration, modelisation, simulation and command of robots, creation and management of businesses, communication, managment and project leadership.

The academic program

The detailed academic program for each year:

Unlike other programs, this course does not focus on a sinlge skill but instead places the emphasis on the integration of several skills necessary to the understanding, practice and mastering of each piece of a complex technological solution. Our teaching mixes theory, projects, and profesional practice. Class/interships periods are long enough (2 to 6 months) to allow working in all parts of France.

Exams and diploma

While some courses require passing a final exam, most rely on a continuous evaluation.

Whether you enter Imérir as an apprentice or as a student, the graduation criteria are identical:

  • grade average in each of the departments (computer science, robotics, and management) must be a passing grade
  • no course can be failed
  • interships/apprenticeship validated by the employing company
  • written and oral defense

This diploma is registered at répertoire national de la certification professionnelle and hence certified by the French government. For more details regarding the diploma « chef de projet informatique et robotique » check its registration information.

University double-diploma

Thanks to our partnership with the l'Université de Perpignan Via Domitia (UPVD), Imérir students following this program can obtain the following diploma:

  • in 1st years, a Licence Math-Informatique (L3)
  • in 2nd years, a Masters degree in Electronique Automatique Informatique (M1)
  • in 3rd years, a Masters degree in Electronique Automatique Informatique (M2)

Admission in 2nd year

It is possible to enter Imérir directly in the 2nd year provided you passed a Licence 3. You can input such a will in the admissions form.

International / Erasmus

Students following the “Chef de projet informatique et robotique” program may study abroad thanks to the Erasmus program.