The VAE (Validation des Acquis de l'Expérience)

The Validation des Acquis de l’Expérience (VAE) is a program enabling professionals with a minimum of three years experience in the field of study being considered to reach a diploma by the recognition/evaluation of their competence.

  • For a company: any employee, experienced (at least 3 years) within the field of study,
  • For anyone: whichever age or previous academic qualifications, wishing to get recognition of their skills.

How to proceed

The process of VAE is as follows:

  1. preliminary information/advice meeting,
  2. submission of a preliminary study of entitlement,
  3. a jury validates possibility of entitlement,
  4. writen thesis and oral defense of the work and experience in the field,
  5. jury evaluates the thesis and oral defense,
  6. decision.

During this process, IMERIR:

  • helps the candidate through the process administrative steps,
  • provides (when/if necessary) complementary academic support,
  • regularly requests feedback from the candidate in order to improve the program.

Skills Evaluation

When the candidate has no experience to describe, or no justifiable competence, he may decide to form in addition. The school may propose, in order to validate certain competencies of the repository, sequences of simulation of professional situation through the integration projects implemented to validate its repository. These integration projects are thus proposed to the candidate, with the appointment of a specific joint jury to validate the competencies covered by the project.

Your contact

For more details please reach IMERIR by phone +33 4 68 56 80 18 / imerir@imerir.com

French government website dedicated to VAE programs: http://www.vae.gouv.fr