The VAE (Validation des Acquis de l'Expérience)

The Validation of Acquired Expérience (VAE) is a program enabling professionals with a minimum of one year experience in the field of study being considered to reach a diploma by the recognition/evaluation of their competence.

  • For a company: any employee, experienced within the field of study,
  • For anyone: whichever age or previous academic qualifications, wishing to get recognition of their skills.

How to proceed

The process of VAE is as follows:

  1. Preliminary information : explanation of the VAE approach
  2. Administrative validation
  3. Creation of the application admissibility file: booklet 1
  4. Booklet 1 validation
  5. Acquisitions of missinf skills : training, project, case study
  6. The realization of a report file of presentation of the experiment: booklet 2
  7. Jury
  8. Decision.

During this process, IMERIR:

  • Helps the candidate through the process administrative steps,
  • Provides (when/if necessary) complementary academic support,
  • Regularly requests feedback from the candidate in order to improve the program.

Diplomas available at the VAE

Computer Systems and Robotics Manager (Bac+5)

  • Innovation robotics
  • Cyber Security
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Internet of Things and Cloud

Full Stack Native Mobile App Developer (MAD) (Bac+3)

Skills Evaluation

When the candidate has no experience to describe, or no justifiable competence, he may decide:

  • To form in addition (externally via an organization, or internally in the applicant’s structure).
  • By performing a project related to the referential
  • By doing a case study related to the referential

Possible Financing

  • Financing the applicant’s structure
  • Personal financing
  • Pôle Emploi (Job Centre) Financing

Your contact

For more details please reach IMERIR by phone +33 4 68 56 80 18 / imerir@imerir.com

or Laura Jarry: +33 6 75 22 59 96 / laura.jarry@imerir.com

French government website dedicated to VAE programs: http://www.vae.gouv.fr