Erasmus pour les Jeunes Entrepreneurs 1

The European exchange program for entrepreneurs

The Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs program enables future European entrepreneurs to acquire the skills required to set up and/or run a small business in Europe. New entrepreneurs are offered the opportunity to acquire or exchange entrepreneurial knowledge and ideas with an experienced entrepreneur, with whom they will stay for a period of up to 6 months. The stay is partially funded by the European Commission.

The exchanges are carried out through the “SME Growth in Europe” group (12 SGE), led by the Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Navigation of Girona and with the collaboration of nine members :

  • Eduforma SRL (Italy)
  • Fundatia Danis (Romania)
  • Wyższa Szkoła w Ekonomii et Innowacji Lublinie (Poland)
  • Smart gestion Umbrella Solutions EE (Greece)
  • Amadeus Transnationale Verein fur Bildung (Austria)
  • Malte Enterprise (Malta)
  • Confédération -Business de Macédoine (ARYM)
  • La quatrième médiation (Netherlands)
  • IMERIR (France)

Who can participate?

  • Entrepreneurs who are seriously considering opening their own business or who have started their own business within the last three years.
  • Experienced entrepreneurs who have been running an SME in an EU country for more than three years.


Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs is a program funded by the European Commission with the help of over 100 intermediary organizations.

The purpose of the financial aid to new entrepreneurs is to contribute to travel costs, living expenses (including accommodation) during the exchange. This financial assistance varies depending on the host country and ranges from 530 to 1100 euros / month)

More information about the program and registration:

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Flyer entrepreuner host : Host_Entrepreneur.pdf

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