Academic Calendar

School of Computer Science in alternation

The principle of alternation allows the apprentice to benefit from a double training: that of the school and that of the company, in which he / she is supervised by a tutor company (Master of Apprenticeship). These two courses are complementary. The school develops the knowledge while the company promotes the learning of skills and know-how.

We strive to apply the same courses schedule to apprentices and students in initial training. The goal is for the apprentices to follow the courses at the same time as the students and enjoy the same teachings.

  • Employing companies are notified at the end of each term of the academic progresses of their apprentices.
  • The school is notified by the companies of the behavior and performance of the apprentices.
  • The school visits apprentices at their companies annualy.
  • The academic course program is the same for both students and apprentices.

The only difference between students and apprentices lies in the project and/or internship activity which replaces a single period

Training “MSIR, computer systems Manager and robotics, BAC + 5 “

The training MSIR Cyber securityMSIR Internet of Things and Cloud ; MSIR Artificial IntelligenceMSIR Innovation Robotics takes place over three years and targets companies throughout the French territory. This course offers school/company periods long enough to facilitate the alternation between remote geographical locations, here is the schedule of alternation dates:

Training “MAD, Full Stack Native Mobile App Developer, BAC + 3 “

The Full Stack Native Mobile App Developer takes place over one year, here is the schedule of alternation dates:

Training “Professional Licensing systems Administrator, Bac + 3 “

System administrator training takes place over one year. Here is the schedule of alternation dates: