Pedagogical Resources

Thanks to its partners and in order to satisfy practical courses requirements, IMERIR boast great pedagogical tools essential to its academic programmes (educational materials, professional and industrial materials) which are made available to students and apprentices.

Each student of the IMERIR is equipped with a laptop computer, computer made available free of charge throughout the duration of the schooling.

Pedagogical Resources 1

All the classrooms are equipped with video-projectors, Internet access, WiFi. The school’s Web portal provides access to many resources such as:

Moreover we own several robots and devices such as:

And finally, a partnership with the Perpignan FabLab (SquaregoLab), a laboratory that pools a set of human and material resources, for making almost everything you want. The FabLabs are a global network of local laboratories , which make invention possible by providing access to digital manufacturing tools.