Robotics contests

Many robotics competitions exist around the world

Robotics Competition in France

The Fanuc Olympics is a live experience of industrial robotics around tests                                                              that corresponRobotics contests 1d to situations and constraints commonly encountered in the trade of roboticist.

For its first participation in 2017, IMERIR ranks 4th, our partner, the CFI of Montigny ranks 7th.

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KUKA generation

Robotics contests 2

KUKA generation is a contest created to:
Accompany students and professors throughout the year in the discovery and learning of Industrial Robotics 4.0.
Stimulate technological initiatives and innovations.
Create a bridge between students and industrial companies.

IMERIR participated in this contest in 2017

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Move Your Robot – Naïo Technologies

Robotics contests 3Naïo Technologies organizes every year the great student challenge of professional robotics in the external environment.

IMERIR participated in this competition in 2015 (second in the ranking) and 2016 (first in the ranking)

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