The engineer in Artificial Intelligence develops and creates computer programs capable of reasoning like a Man and thus being able to respond to complex problems. Its mission is to bring reasoning as close as possible to that of a human through machines.
The Artificial Intelligence engineer participates in application projects mainly in management and / or scientific computing. Thus, he must develop cooperation between man and machine, the machine being thought of as a decision-making aid, so the engineer must adapt the machine to its future user.
Depending on his sector of activity, the nature of the project as well as his skills and experiences, the salary of an artificial intelligence engineer varies greatly. Thus, an Artificial Intelligence engineer at the start of his career can claim a gross salary of around 25 to 30K € per year, and quickly see it reach 50K € / year (after a few years of experience)
Computer engineering and service companies (SSII) and companies using any computer systems are the main employers of Artificial Intelligence engineers. It is also possible to be employed in the commercial department of large companies. However, many sectors stand out, such as banking and insurance, the automotive industry, defense and telecommunications.
The artificial intelligence engineer must be a person with irreproachable skills and technical knowledge as well as a good interpersonal skills and team spirit in order to carry out his projects by calling on external sources. Force of proposal, listening but also tenacity are therefore the key words characterizing the engineer in Artificial Intelligence.
Admission to the engineering cycle (duration: three years) is by competitive examination after preparation (MPSI or PCSI) or by qualification (L2 / L3, BTS or DUT in science or technology). It is thus possible to follow the initial or continuing training course.