The full stack mobile application engineer works on all the application layers that he creates and is required to operate both on the back office and the front end of sites or applications. It must also take care of the software architecture, the user experience as well as the interface integration. It therefore alone supports the complete stacking of the components of its product’s value chain.
The full stack mobile application engineer must: analyze functional requirements and specifications, specify techniques and design, produce technical achievements in order to develop applications, contextualize their projects and finally, maintain and perpetuate their application offers .
The average salary for full stack mobile application developer jobs in France is around € 35K per year or € 3,000 / month. This can reach up to 62K € / year for the most experienced developers.
Mastering the main technologies and main programming languages ​​currently used, the full stack mobile application engineer must also have strong additional skills allowing him to drive digital marketing, supervise marketing or even manage after-sales.
Different professions are available from full stack mobile application engineer: full stack developer, front end / back end web developer, lead developer, IT project manager, IT study and development project manager, system architect. information, mobile application developer, html / css integrator, database manager, etc …
A full stack mobile application engineer can integrate various business sectors. In companies in the IT sector: IT engineering service companies (SSII), software publishers, IT consultant, web and communication agency. In business any sector: e-commerce field or operating an online sales site and business wishing to own or implement an information system.
Admission to the engineering cycle (duration: three years) is by competitive examination after preparation (MPSI or PCSI) or by qualification (L2 / L3, BTS or DUT in science or technology). It is thus possible to follow the initial or continuing training course.