Work-study program for MSIR, Manager of IT and Robotics Systems, Bac+5″ training courses

The MSIR Cybersecurity; MSIR Artificial Intelligence ; MSIR Innovation Robotics courses take place over three years and target companies throughout France. This program offers sufficiently long school/work periods to facilitate alternation between distant geographical locations:

Work-study program for Bachelor’s degree in Software Engineering specializing in Robotics Prototyping

This degree offers general training covering the main areas of Software Engineering: development, programming, networks, multimedia, systems, machine architecture, software engineering, operations research, information systems, industrial systems.

Work-study program “IMERIR integrated preparatory program, Bac+2”.

The IMERIR Prep program takes place over two years:


The principle of alternating work and study allows the apprentice to benefit from a double training: that of the school and that of the company, in which he is supervised by a company tutor (apprenticeship master). These two training programs are complementary. The school develops knowledge while the company favors the learning of life skills and know-how.

We strive to apply the same course schedule to apprentices and students in initial training. The goal is that the apprentices follow the courses at the same time as the students and benefit from the same teachings.

  • The company is informed of the teaching modules followed each quarter by the students.
  • The school is informed of the apprentice’s activities in the company by means of follow-up sheets.
  • An annual visit is made to the company by the school tutor.
  • The teaching programs are the same in apprenticeship and student training.

The only difference between students and apprentices is the project and/or internship activity which replaces a period of.