Jobs and Careers

Computer Science and robotics career opportunities

Our graduates end up working in a wide range of jobs, proving the cross-disciplinary nature of our programmes:

  • new technologies integrator,
  • Manager, Head of department
  • Robotics Engineer
  • Computer science Engineer
  • Business Manager
  • Methods engineers,
  • IT manager
  • Roboticists,
  • Production engineers,
  • Business Engineer
  • Cyber security expert
  • IoT Engineer
  • networking experts,
  • Entrepreneur/Startuper

They practise their expertise in all sectors of the economy:

  • Digital service Companies
  • Service and Computer engineering companies
  • Banking, insurance and health companies builders and publishers
  • Large industrial Companies
  • Small and medium-sized business, startup
  • Teaching and research
  • Public

The latest survey of the Alumni association shows the following distribution:

  • 53% engineer, integrator
  • 40% manager, director, project manager
  • 07% entrepreneur, startuper