Financing your Software Engineering studies

Remuneration for studies

A distinction is made between tuition fees for apprentices and students :

  • Apprenticeship cycle (apprenticeship contract or professionalization contract): Free of charge for apprentices
  • Student cycle (initial training) : 6 500 € per year with monthly payments or possible financing (grants, loans, company grants…) with the possibility of switching to the apprenticeship cycle during the training.

Student grants and Aid

The CLOUS (Centre Local des Œuvres Universitaires et Scolaires) offers services for students :

  • scholarships
  • social service (2 social assistants)
  • the one-stop shop (reception of foreign students)
  • private accommodation
  • student jobs

You can contact the CLOUS at the following address:

At the head of the national CROUS network, the CNOUS aims to make life easier for students in a number of areas: catering, accommodation, grants, social and cultural activities, opening up to the world… For more information :

Visale (former CROUS student rental guarantee)

The CLÉ (student rental deposit) of the Crous is replaced by the Visale guarantee. This device is an alternative to the parental guarantee in agreement with the owner when signing the lease contract. It is therefore Action Logement that acts as a guarantor, free of charge, for young people for the entire duration of their occupation of the accommodation. This guarantee covers unpaid rent and charges in case of financial difficulties. After the landlord has been compensated, the tenant will also have to reimburse his debt to Visale, despite the home insurance he took out when he moved in. For the public, Visale has been extended to all tenants under the age of 30, whether they are employed, unemployed or students. Please note that all students can also benefit from various aids when moving in, such as APL, the energy voucher and the “Avance Loca-Pass”.

visale 1 - IMERIR


Housing aids

In addition to the CROUS, students benefit from the ALS or the APL linked to the resources of the tenant’s family. Information from the CAF de Perpignan.

The students’ office

Les associations 2


The student office (BDE) is an association whose objective is to organize of students and apprentices and the coordination of student activities. Each year, the BDE elects a President and a team of students who take care of extracurricular activities, the integration weekend for new students and many other events and meetings. The BDE is an active body in the life of the school, it federates all the recreational, cultural and sports activities.

The online store: The BDE also has its ow

n online store: you can find T-shirts, polo shirts… but also accessories: mugs, bags… with the school logo

The Sports Office (BDS) organizes sports activities for IMERIR students.

Contact BDE et BDS :

Where to stay

IMERIR students are used to finding accommodation:

  • for a few days accommodation and 100m from the IMERIR, B&B Hôtel Perpignan Saint Charles (to specify when booking the partner code “IMERIR” to benefit from a preferential rate)
  • for a few days accommodation and close to the train station of Perpignan, Hotels Centre del Món Confort (to specify when booking the partner code “IMERIR” to benefit from a preferential rate)
  • l’Office 66, in a student residence (you can apply to the CROUS before April 30), you can also consult CG Jeune 66
  • The IMERIR school offers you its partnership with the Residence Le Conservatoire. Discover this residence with furnished studios 10 minutes by car and 20 minutes by bus from the school. Studios between 16m2 and 21m2 from 369€ (eligible to CAF, ALS). For reservations, please contact +33(0) 4 11 30 05 53 / +33(0) 6 60 38 27 82* or go directly to the website:
    LE CONSERVATOIRE – 9/11 Rue de la Caserne Saint Martin – 66000 Perpignan.

*Specify that you are enrolled in one of our courses (proof is systematically requested, prepare your convocation)visuel web2 - IMERIRvisuel web - IMERIRvisuel web5 - IMERIRvisuel web3 - IMERIRlogifac - IMERIR

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  • in Perpignan, where there are many rooms and studios, the city having a strong tourist component (average rates for studios and F2 between 300 and 400 euros– and also in the nearby villages (Canohès, Toulouges, Le Soler, …)
  • in seaside resorts (Canet en Roussillon –, Argelès-Sur-Mer, Saint-Cyprien, …) whose off-season prices are suitable for many IMERIR students
  • we also invite you to consult specialized websites and local real estate agencies

The IMERIR secretariat often has offers of accommodation and co-location from former students, students or locals.

Where to eat/go out

The IMERIR campus has a self-service room with vending machines (sandwiches, drinks…), a cafeteria as well as the application restaurant “La Caravelle” offering refined cuisine made from fresh local products by the CFAI apprentices in Bac Pro training.

Perpignan and its surroundings also offer a wide variety of restaurants and activities for your evenings and weekends. For more information : Office du TourismeLe Petit Agenda, and On va sortir.

Social security system for students

The reform of the student social security system is entering its second phase of implementation: students currently managed by the student mutual insurance companies will be automatically transferred to the general system as of September 1, 2019.

The documents we are attaching are intended to help you communicate about this reform.

School Brochure_Back-to-school 2019

Memo students_Back-to-school 2019

Memo foreign students_Back-to-school2019

The campus

  • 3,000 square meters of teaching space on a 10,000 square meter wooded campus

  • 20 classrooms for groups (with elevator access for people with reduced mobility)

  • 12 computerized classrooms

  • 1 amphitheater

  • 1 language laboratory

  • 1 documentation center

  • 1 sports field

  • 1 cafeteria

  • 1 self-service restaurant open from 11:30 am to 1:00 pm from Monday to Friday

  • 1 application restaurant

  • 1 reception area of 300 m2 for events

  • 1 free parking lot (with reserved spaces for the disabled)

Sud Formation Perpignan trains each year more than 800 young people in work-study programs in more than 550 partner companies:

  • 20 diplomas and titles prepared from CAP to Bac + 5
  • Higher education courses in Software Engineering , digital technology and robotics (IMERIR) with 100% hiring within 3 months of graduation
  • 800 apprentices / year
  • 7 career paths (Hotel and Catering; Trade and Distribution; Warehousing and Logistics; Health; Management and Services; Digital Computing and Robotics; Tourism)
  • 550 partner companies
  • 81% average exam success rate
  • 85% hiring rate 3 months after graduation (courses: Hotel and Catering; Trade and Distribution; Warehousing and Logistics; Health; Management and Services; Tourism)
  • 50 employees at the service of young people and companies
  • Quality certification according to ISO 9001 version 2008

The Mediterranean aspect is permanently present on this vast sunny campus, planted with pine, cypress and palm trees.