SquargoLab – Manufacturing Laboratory and Prototyping Workshop Perpignan

SquaregoLab, the fabulous laboratory inseparable from IMERIR                                                                

SquaregoLab is the Fablab of Perpignan used by IMERIR students and professors. Students use this FabLab to exchange, test, prototype their ideas and projects. Teachers use this MakerSpace for TD (directed work) and TP (practical work) courses, this allows to apply the knowledge acquired during the theoretical courses carried out at IMERIR.

Materials, spaces and workshops available at SquaregoLab

  • Laser Cutting
  • Vinyl Cutting
  • Plasma cutting
  • Milling machines
  • 3d printers
  • Electronic space
  • 3d Modeling Space
  • Programming space
  • DIY Space and small tools
  • Arduino Initiation Workshop
  • Arc Welding Workshop
  • Coffee area

FabLab 1

IMERIR robots are now available at SquaregoLab

  • Kuka Industrial Robot Agilus
  • Robot Humanoid Aria from Cybedroïd
  • SoftBank Robotics Nao and Pepper humanoid Robots
  • Humanoid Robot Inmoov
  • Nexter Robotics Wifibot Mobile Robots
  • Lego Mindstroms Mobile Robots
  • Intel Galileo Maps
  • STMicroelectronics maps
  • Arduino maps
  • Virtual reality Headphones (HTC Vive, Oculus Rift)
  • Drones

What is a FabLab                                                                                                                                                                    

The FabLab is a workshop of innovation, manufacturing and prototyping that makes machines available to its users as well as the know-how necessary to use them. In the heart of FabLab, there are creators, artists, makers, computer geeks, entrepreneurs and citizens who use this shared space to satisfy a need or a desire to create.


Map of FabLabs in France and around the world

Origin of FabLabs

The concept of FabLab was born at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) at the end of the 90’s. The first FabLab was launched by Professor Neil Gershenfeld in 2002 to explore and experience the transition from digital design to prototyping and manufacturing. Since then, the concept of FabLab has evolved rapidly and has adapted to various national or regional specificities according to their locations.

The Concept

The concept of FabLab participates in the reappropriation of technology by users. The workshop develops and lives on the collective intelligence, nourishing itself with the sharing of knowledge and technical skills. Novice users are accompanied by experienced professionals or amateurs, most of the time volunteers. Once they are trained, the students become teachers.

The DIY movement.

The set of FabLabs positions itself as a major tool for the democratization of DIY thinking. This world-class cultural and social movement seeks to reclaim the knowledge, and the means of production. DIY is a new collaborative and sustainable way to live and think!